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ARES Advantages

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
ARES produces no emissions; uses no fossil fuel; does not require water; creates no hazardous waste; requires no harmful extraction of materials; and can be cleanly decommissioned with no lasting impacts.
ARES energy storage facilities are scalable from a 10MW ancillary services installation up to a 2-3GW regional energy storage system.
Extensive Site Options
ARES sites are abundant in arid regions coincident  with wind and solar resources — maximizing transmission resources by providing  storage at the point of intermittent generation.
Constant Efficiency
An ARES system operates at a constant high efficiency over its full range of power output regardless of  discharge state.

Lower Capital Cost
ARES’ cost is approximately 60% of an equivalent power pumped - hydro facility.

Lower Operating Cost
ARES has the lowest annualized capacity cost per kW of comparable technologies.


Ridgeline Energy Storage System Animation

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The ARES Vision

ARES - Addressing Grid Scale Storage

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ARES Technology

Ancillary Services Facility

How Ares Uses Gravity to Store Excess Power
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Press Kit
Storage Energy, with Special Reference to Renewable Energy Sources

“Because we’re located in the Sun Belt, [ARES] fits nicely into our grid and has the potential to further the renewable opportunities we have here."
Tom Husted, CEO