Grid Scale
Energy Storage

ARES is committed to providing the grid-scale energy storage technology that will allow for a far broader and more secure integration of new generation technologies that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. ARES uses the power of gravity to accomplish all of this.

Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES) provides a deployable solution for grid-scale energy storage. ARES mission is to enable the electric grid to integrate unprecedented amounts of clean, environmentally responsible, renewable energy while maintaining the reliable electric service necessary to power growth and prosperity. Since it's founding in February 2010, ARES has developed and filed both domestic and international patents for an advanced method of utility-scale electrical storage. ARES facilities are designed to: provide grid security and reliability; support the increased use of renewable technologies, and to provide an energy storage solution that does not rely on water.

ARES rail based energy storage systems are covered by one or more of the following US patents: 8593012, 8674541 with foreign patents pending and issued.

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